Farmer Updates – June 6th 2022

• The delivery times for wholesale are Monday through Friday from 8a to 3p.

• The delivery times for Farm Share are Mondays from 8a to 3p and Tuesdays from 8a to 10a.

• LEAFF deliveries begin on Monday, June 27th.

• We now have Sustane fertilizer for sale for $34/bag. If you want to buy Sustane or boxes, call Hana at 651-217-8313 or email [email protected] Cash and credit card payments are accepted.

• Join us for a Food Safety Field Day at The Good Acre this Thursday, June 14th from 4 to 6:30p, 4 lucky farmers will win a free produce wash line for their farm, registration is required, register at


This is the text version of the weekly voice mail message we send to our partner farmers each Monday. If you are a partner farmer of ours and would like to receive these messages, please contact Xiong Thao at 651-247-8669 and specify if you would like your message in English or Hmong.