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The Good Acre’s education and training classroom is open to the public by reservation only. This space is equipped to hold 36 people in a classroom setting using tables and chairs (as shown above). Additional row of chairs with no table can increase occupancy up to a total of ~45 people. Standing only (no tables, no chairs) can accommodate 80 occupants. Teleconference speakerphone available to use. A projection system with surround sound is available, and wireless Internet exists throughout the facility.

Room Rates:

  • Nonprofit rate: $35.00/hour
  • For profit rate: $50.00/hour

Cost of room rental includes time required for setup and cleanup.

Additional Services:

Beverage Service: $5 per person (coffee, iced tea, or iced water). Please make this request at least 1 week prior to event date.

You are welcome to have food at The Good Acre. You can bring your own food or you can have food catered in, but we ask that you utilize catering options that source locally. Here are is our list of Preferred Caterers:  Common Roots Cafe, Breaking Bread Cafe, Eat for Equity, or Birchwood Cafe.

Conditions of Use

  • Education and training facility rental is open to the public.
  • Education and training facility is available Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am until 8:30 pm.
  • Reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Training Room configuration options chosen by renter. Room will be set up as requested.
  • Food may be brought into the space, but there is no access to kitchen facilities. Clean-up of food and waste is the responsibility of renter. A cleaning fee of $25 will be charged for extra cleaning or removal of a large amount of trash.
  • Speakerphone as well as audio-visual equipment with surround sound and projection screen is available upon request at no additional charge. Instructions are located in education and training facility.
  • Wireless Internet access is installed throughout the space. Password is located in education and training facility.
  • Tours must be requested and booked separately.
  • All room reservations will be scheduled upon approval of rental application below.
  • Cancellation Policy: No charge for room reservations cancelled 2 weeks prior to event. 50% space use charge up to 1 week prior to first event, full space use charge for events cancelled less than 1 week prior to first event.
  • Retail sales activity is not permitted at The Good Acre.
  • The Good Acre does not provide table linens, coffee pots, utensils, serving equipment, dishware, stemware, etc. for catering service.
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