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cul·ti·va·tion – the process of acquiring or developing a quality or skill.

Are you looking to incorporate more local foods into your foodservice program but don’t know where to start? Our team of culinary experts can help. We offer training on how you can leverage your staff and equipment to make serving local food a sustainable and delicious affair. No matter where you’re starting or where you’re hoping to go, we can provide the custom training you need to help you reach your goals.


This ever-evolving program has expanded to include:

Recipe development that adheres to budget and nutritional guidelines
Produce-Specific and Technique Training including Knife Skills, Roasting, and Preserving
Equipment-specific training including Combi Oven, Steam Kettle, Hobart, and Robo Coupe
 The Good Acre has been an invaluable partner as we build our Farm to School program from the ground up. By acting as the conduit to local farmers, their wonderful support staff has helped us plot out our menus, create recipes, and train our staff. They have made getting local food on Roseville lunch trays a reality.
 Angela Ritchey, Nutrition Services Supervisor
Roseville Area Schools

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