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Why is the program called Farm Share not CSA?

For those of you who have been following us for a while, you may notice that this year we dropped the term CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and are now using the words Farm Share to describe our weekly veggie subscription program. Why you ask? Traditionally, the phrase CSA has been used to describe a relationship between a single farm and a member that carries with it a shared risk between the farmer and the member. Our program is different since we work with a number of farms to supply the produce for our boxes. Many of these farms do not market directly to consumers and may have logistical or language barriers that prevent them from doing so. We feel that it’s important for us to more accurately represent what we do, so going forward we will refer to our program simply as a Farm Share. New name, same great quality!

Is the produce organic?

Sometimes! While many of the farms we work with are Certified Organic, we do work with some farms that are not. In each week of the 18-week program we ran last year there was at least one organic item included in every share. Often there were weeks where the majority of contents were organic — it just depends on which farms we source from. One thing that is unique about our program is that all of the farms we partner with have regular farm visits from our Grower Support Specialist David VanEeckhout. He’s been an organic farmer for over 20 years and helps our farmers implement sustainable and organic practices on their farm that will help them with pest management, soil fertility, and more.

What’s in the box?

Check out our Instagram page to see photos of each week’s box contents from last year. You can also search the hashtag #tgacsa to see the photos that our members posted of the wonderful meals they made with the produce in their boxes last season.

What day of the week is pick-up day?

Farm share boxes go out on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Your day and time will depend on where you pick up your share, click here and view the map at the bottom of the page then click on the pin marking your desired location to see pick-up details. If you select The Good Acre as your pick-up location you can come get your box each Wednesday from 11am until 6:30pm.

What happens if I have to miss a pick-up?

You’ll have a few options:

1) Ask a friend to pick up your box for you on the week(s) you’ll miss. No need to notify us if you go this route!

2) We work with a different hunger relief partner each year and donate unclaimed shares each week. For example, in 2017 we worked with the YWCA’s Transitional Housing Program by donating produce for their weekly health class. Stay tuned for information on our hunger relief partner for 2018. If you know you’ll be out of town and want your share donated, just be sure to email

3) In some cases, we can offer you extra veggies the week you return.

What exactly is the Maker Medly?

The Maker Medly add-on is a bi-weekly add-on of specialty foods made by local food makers in the Twin Cities. We plan to include a wide variety of items such as jam from Serious Jam, kimchi from Fierce Ferments, kombucha from Mad Panther, salsa from Senoras de Salsa, and more to compliment your produce. All the items we’ll include in this add-on option will be gluten-free and delivered along with your veggies every other week.

Can I buy an add-on without a Farm Share?

Sorry, but we don’t offer add-ons without the purchase of a full or half share. It is our mission to support produce farmers, so we like to push the veggies!

Sounds great! Where do I sign up?

Click here to select a full or half share, shop for add-on’s, set your pick-up location, and pay for your 2018 TGA Farm Share!

This won’t work for me. What are my other options?

We are happy to discuss the possibility of adding a new pick-up location closer to where you live or work. We require a minimum of 10 shares in order to create a new pick-up location. If you would like to rally your friends, neighbors, or co-workers to create your own pick-up site, we’re here to help! Our Farm Share Manager is always willing to give a presentation or send promotional materials to help with recruitment. We also acknowledge that our Farm Share program isn’t the right fit for everybody. For a comprehensive list of local CSA programs, check out the Land Stewardship Project’s CSA Farm Directory or the Minnesota Grown directory.

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