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Whether you join our full season, late season or student Farm Share program, know that you are doing something great for our network of small, independent, and local farmers. As a non-profit food hub, our Farm Share program offerings are one of the best ways that we put our mission into action — supporting our farmers with fair prices and technical support while providing you with access to a beautiful array of healthy produce. 

Full Season Share
Full Season Share

Get your share of the Minnesota growing season which lasts 18-weeks, June through October. All produce is sourced from our network of small, sustainable, and local farmers.

Late Season Share
Late Season Share

You can still eat local after the growing season is done! Four boxes of late season storage crops spread over the months of November and December. Pick-up at The Good Acre only.

Student Share
Student Share

Students only! This 8-week program, which spans September and October, is designed to fit a student’s budget and appetite for local foods. Shares are conveniently delivered right to campus.

TGA Farm Share F.A.Q.

Why buy a Farm Share?

Want to consume local produce but don’t have time to make it to the grocery store or shop on weekends all the time? We are here to help — connecting you to the source of your food through one box that will save you some of the time and effort it takes to menu plan and shop each week. Because we make contracts with our farmers each year, they are guaranteed income, lessening their risk and providing them with a market beyond direct sales. We all know that food that is grown closer to you is more nutritious, and less time between field to fork means longer lasting and fresher food for you. If you want a robust local food system, you have to support it, and you can do just that when you join our Farm Share program.

Why one size?

As we enter the fourth year of our Farm Share, we are continually trying to optimize our program so that it works great for farmers, our members, and us. We’ve seen the demand for full shares dwindle over time. This change will help us to streamline our operations so that we can deliver you a bigger, better box with all you need for the recipes you want to make. Looking for more produce? Buy two!

How much produce will I get?

Our Farm Share is designed to feed two people who cook frequently at home, but the box contents can easily be shared among households of three or more. We include anywhere from six to eight items each week, and boxes tend to get heavier as the growing season progresses. If you were a half share member of ours in the past, you can expect slightly more of certain crops in our box this year.

Is the produce organic?

Sometimes! While many of the farms we work with are Certified Organic, we do work with some farms that are not. With that being said, every week we will include at least one organic item. We also do comprehensive farm visits to all of the growers we buy from. Through these visits, we verify that even if they aren’t Certified Organic, their gowing practices are sustainable and safe for the soil and water on their land.

What happens if I miss a week?

Because we have agreements with our farmers to grow a certain amount of crops for us over the course of the growing season, we don’t order less if you plan to miss a week. So if you can’t get your share for whatever reason, either send a friend to pick it up or let us know and we can donate it to our hunger relief partner. 

Tell me more about your add-ons.
  • Bread: Baked in local ovens and delivered to you every other week. Current bakery partners are Brake Bread bakery and Honey & Rye Bakehouse. We make an effort to work with bakers who buy some of their grain locally and are rooted in their community.
  • Eggs: Laid by happy chickens that eat organic feed and graze freely when possible. You have the option to have them delivered every week or every other. Sunshine Harvest Farm has been our egg partner for two seasons, and members love their brown-shelled, hearty-yolked eggs by the dozen.
  • Maker Medley: Made by a local food business, one item delivered every other week. All products are either made in The Good Acre’s commercial kitchen or one like it. Producers use local ingredients when possible, and all items are vegetarian.
  • Honey: Created by bees in the Metro area, delivered by the pound monthly (ON BIKE). Beez Kneez keeps hives all over St. Paul, Minneapolis, and at farms in the surrounding area. Each month you’ll get one pound of a different variety
Can I buy an add-on without buying a share?

Sorry, we do not offer add-ons without the purchase of a Full Season, Late Season, or Student Farm Share. It is at the core of our mission to support produce farmers, so we like to push the veggies!

Where do I pick up?

You can pick up your Full Season Farm Share at The Good Acre on Wednesdays or at any of our public pick-up sites on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the location — click here for a map of our our public pick up sites. We also have a robust network of private pick-up locations at offices peppered throughout the Twin Cities. To see if your office already has a pick-up location, email us at [email protected] Please note that we require a minimum of 10 shares in order to create a new pick-up location. Late Season Shares are available for pick up at The Good Acre on Wednesdays. Student Shares can be picked up at The Good Acre on Wednesdays or at sites on-campus (Macalester, Hamline, and the U of MN) on Thursdays.

This won’t work for me. Where else can I look?

We completely understand that our Farm Share program isn’t the right fit for everybody. For a comprehensive list of local CSA programs, check out the Land Stewardship Project’s CSA Farm Directory or the Minnesota Grown directory.

Happy Farm Share Customers

  • "We love supporting the cause at Good Acre, plus communication is great and the pickup location is very convenient. The veggies were top notch and very useable."

    Ann A.
  • "I love the variety of items and the recipes included. My family tried things, like ground cherries, that we would otherwise have never considered."

    Bob B.
  • "I loved branching out with a couple veggies I wasn't acquainted with and rediscovering some old favorites. It made me cook more creatively and seasonally. I was pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness of the veggies--thank you so much for taking so much time on this step when you didn't have to!"

    Chris C.
  • "What could be better than getting a wide variety of truly fresh vegetables delivered to our office each week!"

    Donna D.
  • "The quality was incredible! I didn't know fresh vegetables were that much better than grocery store vegetables. And I loved the convenient pick up, too!"

    Eric E.
  • Overall, TGA helped me find a new joy and appreciation in my food and get out of my rut. Farm Share has helped me try new things (I used to hate fennel, now I crave it), it made me learn about food storage and think more about the seasonality of food."

    Frank F.
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