Meet Our Farmers

  • The Early Birds
    The Early Birds MARINE ON ST. CROIX, MN
  • HAFA
  • Mai & Chad Xiong’s Farm
    Mai & Chad Xiong’s Farm EAU CLAIRE, WI
  • L.V. Garden
    L.V. Garden OTSEGO, WI
  • Mhonpaj’s Garden
    Mhonpaj’s Garden MARINE ON ST. CROIX, MN
  • Awaken Moon Farm
    Awaken Moon Farm BROOKLYN PARK, MN
  • Minnesota Food Association
    Minnesota Food Association MARINE ON ST. CRIOX, MN
  • Open Hands Farm
    Open Hands Farm NORTHFIELD, MN
  • Seeds Farm
    Seeds Farm NORTHFIELD, MN
  • Shared Ground Farmer’s Co-op
    Shared Ground Farmer’s Co-op ST. PAUL, MN
  • Sogn Valley Farm
    Sogn Valley Farm CANNON FALLS, MN
  • Thao Gardens
    Thao Gardens SPRING VALLEY, MN
  • Waxwing Farm
    Waxwing Farm WEBSTER, MN
  • Hope Organics
    Hope Organics HASTINGS, MN
  • Women’s Environmental Institute
    Women’s Environmental Institute NORTH BRANCH, MN
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