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Blia Tou Thao & Phua Yang Thao

Hello, we are Blia Tou Thao and Phua Yang Thao, and we’re your Hmong organic farmers from Thao’s Garden. We live in Spring Valley, Wisconsin, where we farm on our very own piece of land. Farming has been a part of our lives and history, even when we lived in Laos. Here we have been farming for 12 years. Yes, it seems like a long time, but we enjoy and find happiness in farming because we know that the foods that we provide are fresh, high quality, and chemical-free. We guarantee that the produce we provide for you, our customers, will be fresh and high-quality only.

This is our promise to you:

  • Fresh produce that are consumable by our family and yours
  • Fair pricing for you, our customers
  • Fresh produce that is high-quality and organic
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