Karin believes that food is a powerful connector. As something we all need, food brings people together and ties us to the land it is grown on. Growing up in rural Minnesota, farming has always been present in her life, and since graduating from Macalester College, Karin has been immersed in the local food scene in every way from growing it to serving it. Through working with several urban farms in the Twin Cities and community organizations like Frogtown Green, she has come to understand food – growing it, sharing it, and eating eat – as an essential part of creating a sustainable society.


As the Farm Share Manager, Karin works with local farmers to distribute The Good Acre’s Farm Share CSA. She loves that she gets to provide a direct link from farms to people’s plates via the food they eat. When Karin is not thinking about farms and vegetables, you can find her volunteering in her neighborhood’s parks and gardens, tending to her own ever-growing garden, or curled up with a good book.