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Elevate Your CSA Experience With Local Add-Ons

Explore a world of flavors with our exclusive local add-ons carefully curated to complement your CSA share. By choosing add-ons you can extend your support to nearby businesses, farmers, and authors, enhancing your culinary and literary journey with the finest, freshest products and engaging reads our region has to offer.
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Our Add-Ons

Please note: Not all add-ons are available year-round, with all shares, or at all sites. Please check your specific product to see if it is available with your share.

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We’re excited to partner with Milkweed Editions, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit publisher, for our book add-on.

Once a month starting in June, you’ll receive a book along with your box of produce that explores the world of food and how it touches our lives from a variety of perspectives. Spoiler alert – titles for 2024 are: Northern Light, Barons, You Are Here, The Quickening, and Diary of a Young Naturalist. (Full Season only)

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Baked in local ovens and delivered to you every other week.

Our current partners are Brake Bread, Laune Bread, and Bakersfield Flour and Bread. All three bake bread made from regionally sourced grains. We make an effort to work with bakers who are rooted in their community. (Full Season and Mini CSA)

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Enjoy two kinds of cheese every other week.

Cheese is made from local cheese makers Alemar, Cosmic Wheel Creamery, and Shepherd’s Way Farms in small batches, delivering the best of local flavors. This add-on is limited. (Full Season, Mini CSA, Late Season)

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Laid by happy chickens that eat organic feed and graze freely when possible.

You have the option to have them delivered every week or every other. Sunshine Harvest Farm has been our egg partner for five seasons, and members love their brown-shelled, hearty-yolked eggs by the dozen. This year we are expanding our egg partners to include Cala Farm and The Carrillo Brothers, two farmers who are working on diversifying their farm businesses to include chickens. (Full Season, Mini CSA, Late Season)

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Discover the world of local grain with flour from Baker’s Field Flour and Bread!

Once a month, you’ll receive a 4lb bag of different, freshly stone-milled flour, including Bakersfield’s All Purpose Flour, Durum Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, Bread Flour, and Pastry Flour. (Full Season)
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Bask in the beauty of six seasonal bouquets throughout the season from local farmers.
You’ll get one bouquet a month, with two during the peak season in late August/September. The last bouquet of the season is often dried so you can enjoy it for the long winter months! (Full Season)
makers medley icon

Maker Medley

Enjoy value-added delights made by a local food business, one item is delivered every other week.
All products are either made in The Good Acre’s commercial kitchen or ones like it. Producers use local ingredients when possible, and all items are vegetarian. Examples of what you may get include herbal tea, jam, hot sauce, maple syrup, and dips like babaganoush or cilantro chutney. (Full CSA, Mini CSA, Late Season)
honey icon


Created by bees in the Metro area, delivered by the pound monthly.

Beez Kneez keeps hives all over St. Paul, Minneapolis, and at farms in the surrounding area. Each month you’ll get one pound of a different variety. (Full Season)

peak season fruit

Peak Season Fruit

You’ll get eight special deliveries of local farm-fresh fruits as part of your share.
Minnesota’s peak fruit season is chock full of delicious raspberries, strawberries, pears, and more but they are hard for us to procure on a large scale. So with this add-on option, you’ll get eight local farm-fresh fruits in addition to the usual melons and apples all members will receive. This add-on is limited. (Full CSA)
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Savor the flavors of the North Woods with eight 1/3 pound boxes of fresh mushrooms from Northwood Mushrooms.

Delivered every other week from Northwood Mushrooms, you’ll get a variety of mushrooms, some log-grown in Clayton, WI and some foraged from around Minnesota. Also includes a fabulous gluten-free reishi brownie and a jar of Northwood’s renowned mushroom butter! (Full CSA, Mini CSA)
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Raised humanely in the grassy pastures of Sunshine Harvest Farm in Webster, MN.

Sunshine Harvest farms with organic practices and does not use any hormones or chemicals in raising their animals. Each monthly delivery is 6 pounds of a variety of fresh-frozen meats, including 1 pound of beef steaks or pork chops, 1 pack of brats, 1 pack of bacon, 2 pounds ground beef, and 1 pack of chicken (cuts vary monthly). Meat is only available for pick up at TGA for food safety reasons. Non-pork option is available. 

Add some awesome add-ons to your CSA!

Flexible Payment Info

If you’d like to include add-ons with your share but prefer to manage the costs separately (please note, add-ons are pay-in-full only), we’re delighted to provide you with individual purchase links so you can sign up for them as your budget permits. Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!

Add-On Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy an add-on without buying a CSA?
Sorry, we do not offer add-ons without the purchase of a Full Season, Late Season, Mini Harvest, or Off-Season Share. It is at the core of our mission to support produce farmers, so we like to push the veggies!
Can I purchase an add-on midway through the season?
Sure! Except in cases when we sell out (like with flowers or fruit) we’d be happy to sign you up for an add on during the course of your CSA program. Just email us and we’ll work out a prorated price for you.
Can I use Pay What You Can Funds for add-ons?
Sorry, Pay What You Can funds are for veggie boxes only! Because these funds are limited, we want to make sure that as many people are able to get fresh local produce as possible.
Are the add-ons suitable for specific dietary preferences or restrictions?
We strive to provide diverse options, including vegetarian and pork-free choices. Check the product descriptions for details, and if you have specific dietary concerns, feel free to reach out for assistance.
How do I know what add-ons are available each week?

Our weekly member newsletter includes updates on the add-on schedule plus details on each item. Please fill out this form if you would like to add a new contact to our weekly member newsletter list. 

What if my add-ons are missing or damaged?
If your add-ons are missing or damaged any given week, don’t worry – we’ve got your back! Just send us a friendly email, and we’ll make sure your add-on finds its way to your doorstep pronto. We believe in happy surprises, but not when it comes to missing or broken goodies. We’ll be sure to sort it out with a smile – just get in touch!

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