Wholesale Produce with Substance Delivered with Simplicity

The Good Acre wholesale program gives you convenient access to safe, healthy and tasty food from local, diverse farmers. Enjoy access to beautiful produce ranging from familiar favorites to culturally specific specialties knowing every purchase helps farmers achieve and sustain economic well-being.
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Wholesale Program Features

Full Liability Insurance
Certified Organic Facility
Convenient Deliveries
Pre-Season Crop Planning
Culinary Support Services*

* provided through connections with Heathy Roots Institute

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Eat Local All Year Long

We connect you with a unique array of seasonal produce from diverse farmers, accessible from spring through mid-winter. Through the winter months, we excel in providing storage crops, proteins, and value-added goods, ensuring a year-round supply.
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tga wholesale benefits

One order. One delivery. One invoice.

Seamlessly integrate local foods into your operation with wholesale produce through The Good Acre. Enjoy access to products from 100+ farmers and food producers through one order, one delivery, and one invoice.


How You're Transforming Our Food System

When sourcing from our food hub, you’re positively impacting our food system in multiple ways:
Sustain the livelihoods of farmers.
You’ll help maintain a vibrant agricultural economy in our region.
Get the best of what’s in season.
Since the food we source doesn’t have to travel long distances, it spends less time in transit, translating to fresher food for you.
Reduce the carbon footprint.
Unlike traditional food procurement, sourcing local helps lower greenhouse gas emissions and promotes environmental sustainability in the face of a changing climate.
Preserve farmland.
When farms are economically viable, they are less likely to be converted into urban or industrial areas, preserving green spaces and biodiversity.
Create racial equity.

We specialize in working with emerging farmers, including Hmong, Black, Latino and other Farmers of Color, and can offer many specialty and culturally specific items you can’t get from large corporate wholesalers.

Cultivate community connection.
Buying from local farmers fosters a sense of community and strengthens the bond between consumers and the producers who grow and raise our food.
Encourage sustainable farming practices.
Organic and regenerative practices require effort and resources, but fair compensation and stable market access opportunities provide farmers with the financial security to make the transition towards practices that protect our natural resources and build soil health.
Increased food security.
In times of global disruptions or supply chain challenges, having a robust and thriving local food system is critical for ensuring food security and resilience in our communities.
Traditional systems of food procurement are dominated by corporations that prioritize profit over quality, harming communities and the environment in the process.

TGA Wholesale Customers

We work with wholesale produce buyers in many sectors including food banks, food shelves, healthcare facilities, K-12 schools, as well as values aligned grocers, restaurant groups and caterers including:


Happy Wholesale Customers

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