Where to Grab Your Share

Below is a map of the public pick up locations for the 2019¬†Farm Share. In addition to our public pick-up sites, we offer private pick-up locations at over 20 offices throughout the Twin Cities. To see if your office already has a pick-up location, click the drop-down menu of pick-up locations here or email us at [email protected]. Please note that we require a minimum of 10 shares in order to create a new pick-up location.

Wednesday Pick-Up Locations

The Good Acre, Falcon Heights
Truce Juice, Uptown Minneapolis
Honey and Rye Bakehouse, St. Louis Park
Fit Studio, St. Louis Park
St. Bartholomew’s Catholic Faith Community, Wayzata

Thursday Pick-Up Locations

University of MN Recreation Center, Minneapolis
YWCA of St. Paul, Selby Ave.
Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, Roseville

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