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Local Farm Food That Tastes Good & Does Good

The Good Acre’s CSA offerings give you access to a wide variety of healthy, seasonal produce from our broad network of local, culturally diverse farmers. You’ll enjoy fresh, incredible food knowing you are supporting our work creating markets for local farmers, investing in their sustainability, and maintaining a space that benefits our food community.

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CSA Options

Fresh. Seasonal. Simple.

Full Season Share Carrots

Full Season CSA

Experience the Minnesota growing season in all its glory with this 18-week share, spanning from June to October.
Blueberry Investor Share

Investor Share

Nurture a thriving community while enjoying the perks of our full season share, enriched with exclusive benefits as a token of our gratitude.
Corn Mini Harvest Share

Mini-Harvest CSA

Enjoy the flavors of the peak of the harvest season in a share that’s perfectly sized for individuals, from August through September.
Grilling Box Meat

Grilling Box

Elevate your outdoor cooking with locally sourced protein and produce, to infuse your summer with a true taste of the region once a month from June through September.

Late Season B Sprouts

Late Season CSA

Savor the local goodness well into colder months with four boxes of hearty produce, extending the harvest through November and December.
Winter Bounty Box

Winter Bounty Box

Enjoy monthly boxes of produce and foods from local makers, ensuring your journey through winter is abundantly flavorful from February through May.


Additional CSA Program Info

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CSA Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a CSA with The Good Acre?
By purchasing a CSA with us, you can are supporting market access opportunities for our network of small farmers and food producers. This is important because market access empowers small farmers to earn a fair income, contribute to local economies, practice sustainable agriculture, and it helps to build connections with consumers. Supporting market access for small farmers is a crucial component of building resilient and sustainable food systems. That’s why we say that our CSA offerings taste good and do good!
Why one size?
By having a one-size share option, we can streamline our operations so that we can bring you a better box with all you need for the recipes you want to make. Over the years we have expanded our CSA offerings to include options to fit all kinds of appetites and budgets.
How much produce will I get?
Our 18-week full-season CSA is designed to feed two people who cook frequently at home, but the box contents can easily be shared among households of three or more. In fact, when surveyed, 77% of our members say that their share feeds two to three in their household, the other 23% say their share feeds four or more. We include anywhere from six to eight items each week, and boxes tend to get heavier as the growing season progresses — bye-bye butterhead, hello butternut! Our mini-harvest share is perfect for one home cook, but can easily be shared among households of two or more. Our late-season share is filled with storage crops that have a longer shelf life and is ideal for households of two or more and our grilling boxes are meant to provide enough food for a meal for four. Our off-season CSA usually includes 5 to 6 items and is great for households of two or more.
Is the produce organic?
We understand that many people choose to join CSAs to minimize their carbon footprint and support local communities, while others join because they prioritize reducing exposure to pesticides and supporting sustainable farming practices. At The Good Acre, “local” and “certified organic” are not mutually exclusive; we source produce and food items that are both locally produced and organically grown, even if the farms are not certified organic by the USDA. Through our Grower Support Program, we help our farm partners to invest in sustainable methods of production that promote soil health and clean water.
What happens if I miss a week?

Because we have agreements with our farmers to grow a certain amount of crops for us over the course of the growing season, we don’t order less if you plan to miss a week. So if you can’t get your share for whatever reason, either send a friend to pick it up or let us know and we can donate it to our hunger relief partners.

Can I buy an add-on without buying a share?
Sorry, we do not offer add-ons without the purchase of a CSA. It is at the core of our mission to support produce farmers, so we like to push the veggies! Please note that not all of our add-ons are available for our mini-harvest, late season, off-season, and grilling box options.
Where do I pick up?

You can pick up your Full Season Share at The Good Acre on Wednesdays from 11am – 6pm or at any of our public pick-up sites on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the location. Head to our pickup location page for more information.

Do you offer a pay-what-you-can program?

Yes! We began our pay-what-you-can program in 2020 as a way to help address food equity issues and contribute to reducing food insecurity in our community. We believe that financial challenges shouldn’t be a barrier to accessing healthy, locally-grown food which is why we’re proud to have funded nearly $15,000 in pay-what-you-can requests since the program’s inception. If you would like to support our pay-what-you-can program, please make a donation! If you would like to apply for pay-what-you-can funds to offset the cost of your share, please apply here.

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