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Fuel your Food Business Success With Us

Whether you are a new, growing, or established local food maker, renting a shared commercial kitchen space like ours like can allow you to focus on what you do best – creating amazing food products and building your brand. You bring the passion and we’ll provide an affordable and supportive environment so you can bring your culinary dreams to life.
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Kitchen Rental FYIs

We only rent kitchen space to licensed businesses making a food product for retail or wholesale sales. Renters must have:
We do not offer kitchen rental for private events, cooking classes, photo shoots, recipe testing, or ad hoc/daily rental.

Kitchen Rental Rates

Packaged food (CPG) and beverage makers only.  No food trucks, caterers, restaurants, or pop ups. Not currently accepting businesses making CBD or THC edible products.

If we’re not the right fit for you, view the MDA’s Shared Commercial Kitchen Directory.


Food Business Workshops

Starting a small, packaged food business is a challenging endeavor. That’s why TGA provides three virtual food business-focused workshops designed to give you a strong foundation as you begin your journey into the world of food business entrepreneurship.


Defining Your Value Proposition

You’ll leave this workshop with the confidence to pitch your CPG (consumer packaged good) business, develop your product, and know your “why.”

Creating a One-Page Business Plan

Develop a concise one-page plan that serves as a tool that you’ll actually use and come back to as you grow your business from dream to reality.

Licensing 101

This workshop dives into the often complex world of food business licensing and regulation in Minnesota. We’ll break it down and tell you what you need to know for your unique business.

We recommend starting with Defining Your Value Proposition before Creating a One-Page Business Plan, but take one, or all three, depending on your individual needs!

Additional Food Business Resources

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